Senior Citizens Week 2002





The brief for Senior Citizen’s Week 2002 was simple. Educate both the general population and older members of society that senior citizens have much to contribute to society.

Obviously nobody can really do very much about getting older. Plastic surgery can only take you so far – just ask Mickey Rourke. But over and above all the other challenges of getting on in years – failing senses, joints wearing out and so on, perhaps the biggest challenge of all is a mental one. The thought that being old also means being obsolete.

In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. With age comes experience. You learn how to deal with all the challenges that life can throw at you simply because you’ve lived through them. And that gives you the kind of perspective and, yes, wisdom, that is an invaluable resource for younger, less experienced generations.

So, with these TV commercials I refused to refer to these people as been ‘old’ or indeed as ‘senior citizens’. Instead I positioned them as people with more experience in life. This approach led to a very nice tagline that had an elegant double meaning:

Share The Experience Of A LIfetime.


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