About me

You probably don’t know me.

But, if you live in Singapore, you definitely know my work.

Low Crime Doesn’t Mean No Crime. (Crime Prevention Campaign 1995 and now part of the national vocabulary.)

M1‘s world recording breaking launch in 1997 (100,000 subscribers in the first 6 months.)

Recruitment campaigns and TV commercials for the Singapore Army.

Campaigns for National Clean & Green Week, Senior Citizens Week and the National Smoking Prevention Campaign.

A campaign for the Singapore Arts Festival 2009 that resulted in its best attendance records in 20 years.

A very successful 2011 launch campaign for Far East SOHO that set a new standard for property marketing in Singapore.

Countless campaigns for all the major Singapore property developers.

And every single Citibank ad in Singapore for the last 3 years. (My slogan, Powered by Citi is now being used globally.)

I have considerable above-the-line, below-the-line, digital and through-the-line experience – to the extent that I have completely stopped seeing lines at all.


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