Low Crime Doesn’t Mean No Crime

Probably the greatest accolade a copywriter can achieve is to have a slogan they wrote enter the national vocabulary.

Let’s face it: not that many people will remember who won a gold last year at Cannes. But a cool phrase that somehow ends up on everybody’s lips and lasts for decades? A slogan that will in all probability outlast the career of the person who wrote it? Well, I for one will happily take that, thank you very much.

I was fortunate enough to manage just that with my slogan for Singapore’s 1996 National Crime Prevention Campaign. ¬†And while I thought it sounded pretty good when I coined it, even I was amazed about how popular it became. Not that I’m complaining though!

Now, if only I got royalties for it…

(Apologies for the pixelation and low resolution footage. The original file source was a VHS tape. Remember those?)